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About Access Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Access Pharmaceuticals is an emerging biopharmaceutical company with products and platforms focused on the innovative delivery of novel treatments for unmet needs. Access currently has one product with FDA marketing allowance, and several products in preclinical development. Most of the company's products are based on Access' proprietary nanopolymer technologies which provide enhanced drug delivery options for both new and approved pharmaceutical active ingredients.

Mucositis is a frequent side-effect of cancer therapy for which there is no established treatment. MuGard® is Access' approved proprietary nanopolymer formulation for the management of mucositis. This ready-to-use rinse provides a soothing oral coating. A clinical study has shown that when MuGard is used by patients at the start of cancer therapy, the incidence and severity of mucositis are reduced. For more information, please visit, www.MuGard.com.

Access has outlicensed MuGard® marketing rights in the US, China and Korea and is seeking marketing partners elsewhere in the world.

Access is focusing its development effort in two areas: the company is expanding the range of applications for its mucoadhesive liquid technology and it is continuing the development of its Cobalamin drug delivery technologies. New products in development based upon Access' mucoadhesive liquid techology include LexaGard (incorporating an active proven to accelerate the healing of aphthous ulcers), BenzaGard (the mucoadhesive liquid plus benzocaine), FerraGard (the mucoadesive liquid plus iron) and ProctiGard (for the management of radiation proctitis).

Cobalamin is a set of proprietary nanopolymer drug delivery technologies that uses the body's natural vitamin uptake mechanisms to enhance drug delivery. It is used either for oral drug delivery (the CobOral technology) or the delivery of actives to the sites of disease (the CobaCyte technology). Using a 'Trojan Horse' approach, the CobOral technology uses the body's natural vitamin B12 uptake mechanisms in the gut to transport drugs that otherwise would have little or no oral bioavailability. The company has applied this technology to the oral delivery of insulin and human growth hormone (hGH), and has collaborated with a number of companies to develop additional formulations of various other pharmaceutically-active compounds. Cells involved in many disease processes have increased vitamin B12 demand, and the CobaCyte technology uses this phenomena to target actives such as the taxanes (as in Access' Cobraxane) and daunorubicin (as in Access' ProLinDaun) to cancer cells for more effective treatment.